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  • スタイル別一覧: Pop、Dance、Alternative、Electronica、R&B、Hip-hop、Rock の7つのスタイルで曲をカテゴリ分け。
  • ジャンル別一覧: 450以上のジャンルから曲を探索。
  • アーチスト別一覧: 3600組以上のアーチストのプロフィールと曲一覧。
  • 各一覧は曲の公開日の新しいものから年代別に分類。


  • YouTubeプレイヤー: 各曲のサムネールをクリックすると、埋め込みYouTubeプレイヤーで直接視聴可能(各ページ20曲を連続再生)。
  • レスポンシブデザイン: PCやモバイルデバイスに最適化されたユーザーインターフェイス。
  • インデックス検索: アーチスト名の頭文字によるインデックスでアーチストを検索。
  • ページネーション: 曲一覧はページネーションを利用してナビゲート、各ページには最大20曲を表示。






Email: contact@music8.jp

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Site Overview

Music8 is a music site that offers over 9,700 songs across a wide range of genres and styles, featuring over 3,600 artists and 450 genres.

Main Features

  • Style Overview: Pop, Dance, Alternative, Electronica, R&B, Hip-hop, Rock categorized into 7 styles.
  • Genre Overview: Explore over 450 genres.
  • Artist Overview: Profiles and tracks of over 3,600 artists.
  • Lists are sorted by the newest release dates.

Key Features

  • YouTube Player: Click on the thumbnail of each song to watch directly via an embedded YouTube player (continuous playback of 20 songs per page).
  • Responsive Design: Optimized user interfaces for PCs and mobile devices.
  • Index Search: Search artists by the initial letters of their names.
  • Pagination: Navigate through song listings using pagination, displaying up to 20 songs per page.


At Music8, the categorization of genres and styles is based on personal judgement and may not always align with general definitions. Information such as the artist's country of origin, release date of songs, and types of vocals is provided as accurately as possible, but may be subject to changes. While we strive for accuracy, please do not hesitate to inform us if you find any discrepancies.

Development Notice

Music8 is currently under development. Therefore, issues may occur, and your understanding is appreciated. We are committed to creating a platform that Western music fans can thoroughly enjoy and are actively working to improve and build the site. We look forward to your valuable feedback, so please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions.

Contact Us

Email: contact@music8.jp

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